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Voo & Doo is a plateformer that was submited to the Ludum Dare 32. The theme was "An Unconventional Weapon".

We choose to develop a local multiplayer game based on the fact that one player can attract things, and the other can repulse them.

We were 3 to create the game : 1 programmer, and 2 artists.

I was a 2D artist on this game.

Voo&Doo is a 2 player game, in wich you take control of two voodoo dolls, respectively named Voo, and Doo. They were created with the special ability to control Gravity ! Voo has the power to repulse everything around him whereas Doo has the opposite power of attraction.
The 2 players will have to combine their power to face every peril and defeat every foes !


Ludum Dare Rating (2821 Entries) :

  • #64 Graphics(Jam)

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