I’m a fifth year student at Supinfogame in France. I was born in 1995, the year the first Playstation was released. But, paradoxically, I bought my first Sony console in 2014. In my early years, I played a lot of Nintendo games, which, I think, makes me prioritize the feeling the user gets while playing. I’ve been continuously exposed to cartoons and animes, which gave me a little baggage in term of animation. I’ve passed a scientific Baccalauréat, which made me very curious about the way things work, and everyday I’m still asking myself why something work this way, or how is made this other one… But the things that really crave into myself in the last 5 years was Art. I felt in love at the entry of the college, started to visit museums, discovered contemporary artists and met some of them. I even started my own artistic activity, which I hope will be soon on the site!


This love for art would have made me go to the “Beaux-Arts” if I wasn’t interest in creating any type of things, such as writing music or scenarios. In my idea, the best place to make converge all these creation fields are the videogame, which is kind of a “total”-Art. So I decided to pass Supinfogame’s concourse, and succeeded, which brought me where I am today.


If you want more precision on my career, please find here my CV :

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