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I'm a VFX & Technical Artist for video games. I was born in 1995, the year the first Playstation was released. But, paradoxically, I bought my first Sony console in 2014. In my early years, I played a lot of Nintendo games, which made me realize the importance of the feeling the user gets while playing. As I was growing, I’ve been continuously exposed to cartoons and animes, which gave me a little baggage in term of animation.After a scientific Baccalauréat, I enroled at Supinfogame, for a Master's degree in Video Game Art. There I met a lot of amazing people which made me strive to get better, doing gamejams and spending lots of time playing and creating games. After my fifth year, I started working in the outsourcing division of Persitant Studios, a tech company which was developping there own VFX solution, PopcornFX. Going there was natural to me, as I had started learning about programming langages, and wanted to dwell more into the technical aspect of games. After 2 years working there, working with many great companies as Qualcom, AMD or Playwing to name some, and even given a small talk on the XSens booth at SIGGRAPH2019, I started looking for something new, to go back to developping games, and stop being outside of the production team. That's the moment I found Wolcen Studio, a Nice based company, which was working a beautiful Hack'N Slash. I moved there in September 2020, and I'm still working there as a VFX Artist.


During my studies, and even after, I always found a lot of fun in understanding how things work, and how to get the best out of the technology we were using. So with no surprise, when I started learning programmation, I quickly became fond of it, and especially of developping tools for internal use. I developped few of them for both the company I worked in, which I'm still using to this day. The other aspect that tech fondness brought me was optimization : learning how things works makes me feel like doing a puzzle when trying to optimize anything, having to figure out the best way to get both performances, and good looking VFX.


If you want more precision on my career, please find here my CV :

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