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  • Valhalla Kumba is a Beat’em all for Smartphones & tablets made in 2 weeks at Supinfogame in a partnership with Gameloft. The challenge they give us was to develop a game with a technology similar to Nintendo's Street Pass.

  • The result is an asynchronous cooperative multiplayer game in a 2.5D Side View (such as in "Castle Crashers").

  • The game was made by a team of 13 students (6 game artists, 6 game designers, 1 programer).

  • I worked as a 2D Artist and also the Sound-Designer & Composer.

In Valhalla-Kumba you play as a Techno Viking and have to make sure that bad guys can’t enter the night club and crash the party. Thanks to the Streetpass technology, you can use other players’ characters as allies who will help you in this task. These allies reproduce the actions done by these players in their last game, allowing for asynchronous cooperation.

The Player
The place to be
Viking chopper
Screenshot from the game
Small viking car
A goblin
Killstreak Selection
Title Menu
A violent ennemy
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