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Turn me ON/OFF is a game installation made at the Zoo Machines Festival.

The Game is a multiplayer game where people have to choose between sex representation or prudishness. With custom controllers, they have to put the wanted vidéo on the screen.


The team was composed of :

Patrick Jarnfelt
Andrea Hasselager
Anna-Célestine Berthélemy
Boris Borgobello
Baptiste Billet
Nicolas Nowak
Vincent Jalliffier-Merlon
Celia Gironnet


I worked mainly as a Sound Designer, and helped for the installation.

Each of the 2 players represents a reaction to the reaction to the representation of the sex in the world we live in. One is prudish, and has to set the video on Platonicals Relation videos, and the other one has to set the video on sex videos.
The controllers are deliberately sexualised, in order to represent the idea that even a prudish will have, one day, to face sex.

First Planning
Reflection on the environnement
Early Playtest with lamps
Hard Working People
Construction of the controlers
Hard working people 2
H-24 Meeting in our installation
Last Morning meeting
Settlement of the installation
Creation of a cover
The game is ready !
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