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The Fabulous Orchestra of Mister Vincent is a rythm game made with Unity in OpenGL. It was made during the 40th Ludum Dare, whose theme was "the more you have, the worse it gets.".
The game was developed in 3 days and is a guitar hero style rythm game, in which you have to conduct an weird orchestra.

The team who developed the game was composed of 4 people (3 game artists, 1 programmer).

I worked mainly as a 3D Artist & Animator.

Mister Vincent is the renowned conductor of the Fabulous Orchestra. Why is it so Fabulous you might ask ? Well it is a bit peculiar. It might be because of some of the musician can be... quite unorthodox. But they all get along very well as long as you conduct them finely.


Ludum Dare Rating (1040 Jam Entries):

  • #17 Audio (Jam)

  • #24 Humor (Jam)

  • #35 Fun (Jam)

  • #41 Innovation (Jam)

  • #80 Mood (Jam)

  • #107 Overall (Jam)

  • #134 Graphics (Jam)

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