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Kundalini is an oniric Runner for PC and consoles made in 2 weeks at Supinfogame in Partnership with Gameloft.

The game is an Runner game where you have to get to the top of a water dragon, in third person view.

The game was made by a team of 22 students (10 game artists, 8 game designers, 3 programer, 1 manager).

I worked as the Lead Game Artist.

The Sacred River-Dragon God, Ouroboros, is dying. Rejecting his death, he thrashes around, defying the cycle of life and death.
Player controls Kunda, the celestial keeper of the resumption, attempting to appease the dying God and accompany him into the cycle of renewal, being himself the next Dragon God.

In order to do so, it needs to ride the raging dragon’s decaying body and ring the seven Bells on his back to bring him peace, the last one being on his head.

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