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ISS (Infuriating Space Simulator) is a space simulation in Open GL. It was made during the 38th Ludum Dare, whose theme was "One Room".
The game was developed in 3 days on Unity, and is a cosmonaute simulation, in which you have to get inside the living room.

The team who developed the game was composed of 4 people (3 game artists, 1 programer).

I worked as a 3D Artist & Animator and also as a Sound Designer.

You are a cosmonaut lost in space and you must reach your living room because your favorite show is about to begin. You must first open the door by grabbing the handle and then go in your room. Beware of the gravitating objects around your living room. You can grab any handle (on the room or on any flying object).


Ludum Dare Rating (1489 Jam Entries):

  • #22 Audio (Jam)

  • #68 Mood (Jam)

  • #114 Theme (Jam)

  • #126 Innovation (Jam)

  • #129 Graphics (Jam)

  • #131 Overall (Jam)

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