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Belly Smash is a Fighting Game in Open GL. It was made during the 34th Ludum Dare, whose theme was "Growing".
The game was developed in 3 days on Unity, and is a wrestling game, in wich you have to push your opponent outside the ring.

The team who developed the game was composed of 5 people (3 game artists, 1 game designer, 1 programer).

I worked as a 3D/2D Artist and also as a Composer.

Belly Smash is a sumo wrestling game. You have to push your opponent off the ring to win the round! But you need to be careful, he may be bigger and stronger than you if he eats more food than you! If you succeed in winning 3 round, you'll become the Yokozuna, greatest master of sumo Art!


Ludum Dare Rating (2869 Jam Entries):

  • #29 Humor(Jam)

  • #50 Fun(Jam)

  • #64 Overall(Jam)

  • #66 Audio(Jam)

  • #110 Graphics(Jam)

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